Automation Spotlight: Case Sealers

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Case Sealers

Case Sealer


Case erectors are automated machines used in packaging processes to form flat cardboard blanks into erected cases or boxes. The machine typically folds and seals the bottom of the case, making it ready for filling with products.


    1. Manufacturing and Production: Automating the sealing process for products being packaged for distribution.
    2. E-commerce and Retail: Ensuring securely sealed packages for shipping to customers.
    3. Food and Beverage: Sealing boxes that contain perishable items to ensure safety and freshness.
    4. Pharmaceuticals: Providing tamper-evident sealing for secure shipment of medical products.
    5. Logistics and Warehousing: Streamlining the process of preparing goods for shipment and reducing handling time.


    1. Uniform Case Sealers: Designed for sealing boxes of the same size. Featuring consistent performance, they are ideal for high-volume operations with uniform box sizes.
    2. Random Case Sealers: Versatile systems, they are capable of adjusting to different box sizes automatically.
    3. Semi-Automatic Case Sealers: Require manual adjustment and feeding of boxes. Cost-effective and suitable for lower volume operations.
    4. Fully Automatic Case Sealers: No manual intervention needed; boxes are fed and sealed automatically. They are highly efficient and ideal for high-speed production lines.
    5. Side Belt Drive Sealers: Uses belts on the sides to pull the box through the sealing process. This is especially useful for heavy or unstable boxes.
    6. Top and Bottom Belt Drive Sealers: Uses belts on the top and bottom to move the box. These ensure pressure and secure sealing and are effective for lightweight or uniformly shaped boxes.


    1. Efficiency: Increases the speed of the packaging process, reducing labor costs.
    2. Consistency: Provides uniform sealing, reducing the risk of improperly sealed boxes.
    3. Security: Enhances the security of packages, minimizing the risk of tampering and damage.
    4. Cost-Effective: Reduces waste and the need for manual labor, leading to cost savings.
    5. Versatility: Available in various configurations to handle different box sizes and production requirements.


    1. Customizable Settings: Many case sealers can be adjusted to accommodate different box sizes and sealing materials.
    2. Integration with Production Lines: Can be easily integrated into existing packaging and production lines.
    3. Modularity: Many models allow for additional features or modules, such as printers for labeling or systems for different sealing materials.
    4. Scalability: Suitable for small-scale operations to large setups, with models available for varying levels of automation and throughput.
    5. Environment Adaptability: Can be used in various environments, including cold storage for perishable goods or clean rooms for pharmaceutical products.

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