Case Studies

Retailers, Manufacturers & Government Agencies

We perform a full assessment of your packaging requirements and challenges.

Then we create an individualized process that may include any or all of the following: custom-designed shipping containers, redesigned packaging for reduced materials and shipping costs, specialized inventory management, packaging automation, and a shipping department managed by us on their site.

With $1,000,000 in inventory and our continued investments in industry-leading technologies, we can be fast, accurate and always cost-conscious — and our customers’ bottom lines benefit because of it all.

Damage Reduction

Blade Server Damage Rate Reduced to Under 1 Percent

A $1B global provider of broadband satellite services and products experienced continued damage to their blade servers during typical handling, shipping and delivery. Shock to the package caused internal components to break free and render the product nonfunctioning.

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Packaging a Information Technology System
Case Erector

Increased Efficiency

Productivity Increased by 300 Percent

A $1B global provider of broadband satellite services and products was manually erecting and sealing cardboard boxes containing electronic equipment. As the company’s production volume increased, the number of employees required to ship the products grew and labor costs increased.

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Reduced Freight Cost

Cosmetics Distributor Lowered Freight Expense by 34 Percent

A major distributor of cosmetics to pharmacy retailers was sending multiple boxes to a single location, which was increasing freight costs unnecessarily. Every parcel package that a company sends has a minimum cost to ship, regardless of weight. In this case, the distributor was paying $10.54 to ship two 10-pound packages.

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Freight Shipping
CAD System

Reduce Through Redesign

A 9.8 Percent Decrease in Cost of Packaging Materials

We saw the potential for cost savings and a reduction in materials used so we proposed it to our client, the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite services. A change in cardboard box design could meet both objectives, but not without some mathematical calculations and testing by our in-house design engineering team.

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