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The Container

We stock containers of all shapes, sizes and quantities — and if we don’t have exactly what you need, we’ll design and build it ourselves.

Arnold Packaging isn’t just a distributor. We’re a manufacturer too, with in-house package engineering to design the container you need. Not only does this make us your one-stop resource for containers of all types, but it also means that we understand better than anyone how the right container can reduce the possibility of damage.

We’ll also help to boost your bottom line by proposing new materials or designs that can reduce shipping weight or allow you to pack more product per shipment. We’ll even review your equipment, workflow and logistics to offer you a total solution for optimizing the packaging and shipping component of your supply chain. Plus, we can save you space and free up cash by managing your current stock levels with our technology-driven Vendor Managed Inventory Tracking and Just-in-Time replenishment programs.

Learn more about our containers below, or call us now at 1-855-ARNOLDS to talk to us about your challenge.

Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - ECORRCRATE Shipping Container


ECORRCRATE is a corrugated container made by cross laminating sheets of corrugated. When assembled the container will meet or exceed the strengths of many wood containers. They are completely customizable, lighter than wood, can be made water resistant, and are easily recyclable. Available with custom foam inserts, bracing or other materials

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Wood Container

Wood Containers

We are the leading company in the Mid-Atlantic for custom-engineered and manufactured wooden containers. We use only the highest quality heat-treated lumber, we can meet military specifications, and we comply with the ISPM-15 measures required for exportation. Our team can add custom hardware such as casters, hinges, handles, ramps and locking mechanisms. Just ask.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Corrugate Boxes

Corrugated Containers

We keep hundreds of corrugated containers in stock to assure next-day delivery, packed in compact easy-to-manage bundles. For custom containers, we can produce one or thousands in single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall strengths. Our containers can be as durable as wood, but easier to recycle.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons

Arnold Packaging is raising paperboard packaging to new levels of quality and innovation with our folding cartons. First, we grab consumers’ attention with distinctive package design that meets their storage and reclosability needs. Second, we help you maintain industry-leading performance and profitability by using high-speed automation, and easy-ordering and inventory control for our customers.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Setup boxes

Set Up Boxes

Arnold Packaging is a leading supplier of custom rigid setup boxes.

A setup box or rigid paperboard box is made of heavier weight paperboard, permanently glued together with paper stays and wrapped in printed or colored paper. Unlike folding cartons, these are assembled at the point of manufacture and transported already set-up.  Set-up boxes are typically used for protecting high value items or to create a higher perceived value. Also, because they come pre setup there is no tooling or added labor to form the box or tray.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Hard Cases

Plastic Cases

Arnold Packaging designs and supplies a variety of plastic hard cases ideal for shipping and storage of sensitive equipment for use in military, police, fire, rescue and many more. We design and sell both large and small plastic cases.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Mailers


Jiffy Mailer Products have been recognized by shipping professionals as the standard of excellence in quality for over half a century. Produced according to world-class standards, these products represent the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers. Jiffy Mailer Products have earned the confidence of small parcel shippers in a diverse array of industries such as, mail order, fulfillment, publishing, computer & electronics, automotive, audio & video, office supply, parts distribution, pharmaceuticals, premiums & incentives, health & beauty, e-commerce and graphic arts. With Jiffy Mailer Products, it’s easy to select the optimum packaging solution when shipping low profile items.

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Arnold Packaging | The Container Products & Services - Metal Drums

Metal Drums

Arnold Packaging supplies standard and specialty steel drums in a range of sizes and thicknesses with a choice of linings, configurations and covers to transport materials for the chemical, paint and coatings, food, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste industries. We have experience using steel drums for high performance packaging applications, as well. Steel pails are offered in a various options, such as tight-head, open-head, straight-sided and open-head nested styles. We also supply specialty application pails for products requiring a high degree of cleanliness. These steel pails transport materials for various industries, such as specialty chemicals, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances.

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