Reduce with Redesign


Whenever you change the packaging of your product, you expect a base reduction in material cost and an immediate impact on the bottom line.

Arnold Packaging goes beyond your expectations with how we push beyond that benchmark to capture ongoing cost savings at multiple points between the creation of a custom-designed package and the receipt by the end user.

A redesign isn’t limited to using less of the material you are using now. We can show you how a higher-performance material can actually be more cost effective because you need less of it. Smaller and collapsible containers free up valuable warehouse space, while lighter packages will save on shipping cost. One of our specialties is custom inserts, which let you securely pack more product per container and purchase fewer containers to distribute the same amount of product.

It’s also a chance to add enhanced product protection, preventing the damage that drives up replacement costs and chips away at customer satisfaction. Our packaging professionals will develop a solution using a combination of the industry’s best-known, most advanced and propriety packaging supplies.

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