Customer Experience


Your customer expects the ultimate experience when interacting with your product. And the very first impression is made by your packaging.

E-commerce customers want the efficiency of point and click with the experience of brick and mortar. This means attractive packaging that’s easy to open and makes a great presentation. And in today’s world, this also means a package that is easy to return. If it’s a mailer, that means a second tear strip that allows the consumer to put the product back in the same pack and reseal it. If it’s a cardboard box, that means reusable dunnage or cushioning and a box that will survive the return trip back to the distribution center.

This experience will have a direct effect on the customer’s likelihood of returning to your website for future purchases. In today’s world of social media, a significant number of bad experiences can explode into bad reviews, negative forum posts, and less than positive social commentary that could have a negative effect on future purchasing habits.

You must consider every interaction your customer will have with your product and its packaging. While appearance is important, other factors are equally important such as accessibility and safety. Ask questions like “How will my customer get into my package?” and “After the packaging is removed, what happens to the product?”

Our team will guide you through the solutions available to ensure your customer has an experience that will keep them coming back. Ready to enhance your customers’ experience? Contact Karen Louden today. Or call us directly at 855-276-6537.

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