Minimize Damage


Whether it’s commercial or residential, customers have the highest expectations for the ultimate experience.  Regardless of the market, damage will jeopardize future orders for your company.

If your damage is greater than 1% of your total product cost (including all costs required to fulfill the order again) your company is outside of industry standards.

Our packaging professionals will analyze your product’s needs for cushioning, blocking and bracing, or surface protection and design the perfect solution with performance and cost objectives in mind.

Packaging performance specifications are governed by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). ISTA has developed very thorough tests that simulate the conditions experienced by products in the shipping cycle. These tests include drop, vibration, compression, and environmental such as heat and humidity.

Our team consists of a technically superior sales force and packaging engineers skilled in the design of high performance packaging to ensure your product makes it to the ultimate destination.

Our team can design a packaging solution to reduce damage and increase your profitability. Contact Arnold Packaging today. Or call us directly at 855-276-6537.

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