Strapping Tools & Machines


Arnold Packaging carries a variety of strapping tools and machines. Polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping (jointly referred to as poly strapping or plastic strapping) are the two most widely used types of strapping. With their cost-effective nature and added safety, these strapping tools are ideal for heavyweight duties and are designed to secure your packaging and industrial applications. Our strapping is durable, rigid, and very strong, making it a great choice for irregularly shaped loads and pallets. We represent Signode and PAC Strapping.

Explore a sampling of our strapping tools & machines below:

  • Signode BXT3-16
    • Combination tools tension, seal, and cut strapping in a single operation.
    • Speed processing and reduce fatigue.
    • Can be used on flat or round surfaces.
    • Typically used in medium-to-high volume applications.
    • Easily moved around a worksite.
    • No external attachments or power sources.
    • Rechargeable battery.
    • Tension is 90-560 pounds.
    • Includes charger and one 2.0 Amp Hour 18-volt lithium battery.
    • HMI screen that shows exactly what the tool is doing, and can do.
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  • PAC SM65

    PAC SM65 PAC SM65
    PAC SM65
    • Patented Easy Strap Access.
    • Quick coil change.
    • Track design eliminates dusting and guarantees parallel straps.
    • Sensor controlled heater.
    • Heat seals are consistent and highly reliable.
    • Missed straps are ejected and the SM65 returns to the ready position
    • Provides “hands free” operation with a foot petal switch.
    • Table height is adjustable to any height between 32.3″ and 36.2″ (820mm-920mm).
    • Photocell Activation – program several options with this feature active.
    • Pivoting Control Panel – allows the operator to access the control panel from either side of the machine.
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  • Signode MOD-GPX

    Signode MOD-GPX Signode MOD-GPX
    Signode MOD-GPX
    • Unparalleled flexibility and longevity for general strapping machines.
    • Available in stainless or industrial grade steel.
    • Automatic or semiautomatic configurations.
    • Patented automatic cut-off and refeed (ACR) automatically ejects misfed strap, rethreads itself and continues strapping.
    • Integrated work light in the accumulator area to assist with visual inspections.
    • Unique chute design for consistent feeding.
    • Quick release heat knife assembly to speed up routine maintenance.
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