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READY Robotics empowers any manufacturer to deploy automation – no experience necessary. From mobile, all-in-one solutions like Forge/Station, to READY Automation Packages featuring all the hardware and software components needed to automate machine tending tasks, READY’s automation solutions are built on Forge/OS, the intuitive, cross-brand robot programming platform.

Easily program robots and deploy automation, transform production, boost output, and solve labor challenges with Forge/OS-powered automation. Automation has never been more accessible.

  • Forge/OS

    • Forge/OS is a revolutionary software platform that brings industry-leading ease-of-use to robots from the top robot OEMs, machine tools and the peripherals needed to automate.
    • Complex coding, proprietary software, and steep learning curves are a thing of the past.
    • Seamlessly control every component in the workcell: robots, peripherals, PLCs, and machine tools.
    • Intuitive, No Code programming featuring a drag-and-drop, flow chart interface.
    • The Benefits of Forge/OS:
      1.  Choose the right robot for your application – not the one you happen to be comfortable programming.
      2.  Slash deployment times.
      3.  Reduce the cost of automation.
      4.  Enable anyone on the manufacturing floor to program robots
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  • Forge/Station

    Forge/Station is the Swiss Army knife for automation – a flexible automation solution that enables any manufacturer to get into production in hours – even with no prior automation experience.  Much more than just a robot arm, Forge/Station comes with everything you need to get started immediately. A solid mobile base, pneumatics for controlling machine tools and accessories, remote support connectivity, and an intuitive programming interface that enables anyone to be productive programming a robot in hours. The perfect entry point into automation and also the ideal solution for high-mix low-volume manufacturing environments where ROI can be spread across multiple machines.

    Forge/OS, the award-winning programming interface that powers Forge/Station, makes programming so easy and intuitive that most manufacturers have their Forge/Station into production in hours or days – even with no robotics experience.

    • Two models support a wide variety of tasks.
      • Forge/Station 2.0 UR5e: Fitted with a Universal Robots UR5e offers 850mm reach, 5kg payload, and 1m/s speed.
      • Forge/Station 2.0 UR10e: Fitted with a Universal Robots UR10e offers 1300mm reach, 10kg payload, and 1m/s speed.
    • Key Features:
      • Fast, intuitive programming with Forge/OS
      • Collaborative robotic solution
      • Heavy-duty mobile base with self-leveling feet
      • Forge/Ctrl supports easy integration of peripherals
      • IP54-rated for dirt, dust, and water protection
      • Delivered in under 30 days
      • Get up and running in hours
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  • READY Automation Packages

    READY Automation Packages include all the hardware and software necessary to automate loading/unloading of mills, lathes and more – including robotic arm, end-of-arm tooling, parts presentation, and more. Powered by Forge/OS, READY Automation Packages enable any manufacturer to deploy robotic automation with a user-friendly programming interface.

    • Collaborative and industrial machine tending solutions available.
    • Automation Packages feature robots from FANUC, Yaskawa or Universal Robots.
    • Easily integrate all devices and peripherals with Forge/Ctrl – no complex PLC is required.
    • A wide range of configurations can support heavy parts up to 20kg.
    • Jumpstart task automation with pre-programmed task templates.
    • The fastest path to lights out production.
    • Each READY Automation Package includes ALL hardware needed to automate mill and lathe tending:
      • Robotic arm pre-configured for Forge/OS
      • Forge/Ctrl automation control center
      • Forge/OS easy-to-use software
      • Schunk gripper and valve block
      • Parts presentation fixture
      • Safety fencing (industrial packages only)
      • Appropriate pneumatic button and pedal presser(s)
      • PLC breakout box expansion module
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  • Forge/Ctrl Bundles

    • The starting point for automating a workcell, or making dormant robots productive again. Forge Bundles include a Forge/Ctrl running Forge/OS with Task Canvas and touchscreen teach pendant.
    • Each Forge/Ctrl Bundle is pre-configured for either FANUC, Yaskawa or UR robots.
    • Add Forge/OS to leading robots: enabling fast, intuitive, robot programming.
    • Forge/Ctrl Bundles support both collaborative or industrial robots.
    • Add an easy programming layer to existing robots, and enable anyone on the manufacturing floor to program the robot.
    • Easily integrate all devices and peripherals with Forge/Ctrl – no complex PLC is required.
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  • Forge/Ctrl

    • Forge/Ctrl is a powerful, flexible, control center for your workcell. Seamlessly connect and control all of the components needed to automate production, including top robot brands, machine tools, and peripherals.
    • Forge/Ctrl supports multiple brands of robot arms including FANUC, Yaskawa, and UR.
    • A standard set of I/O interfaces including built-in pneumatics and fieldbus connectors enables interfacing with robots, machine tools, PLCs, vision systems, force sensors and other peripherals.
    • Forge/Ctrl significantly reduces the controls design needed for most automation scenarios.
    • IP54 enclosure rating ensures durability even in harsh manufacturing environments.
    • Details
      • Fast programming with Forge/OS
      • Dedicated RS485 port for end effectors
      • Dedicated 24V I/O for end effectors
      • 8 controllable pneumatic outputs
      • 8x 24V digital inputs
      • 8x 24V digital outputs
      • Expandable via robot controller I/O
      • WiFi and Lan connectivity
      • IP54 enclosure rating
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