Wireless Warehouse Management Helps Achieve Supply Chain Perfection

We’ve Achieved Supply Chain Perfection with Our Wireless Warehouse Management System

At any moment in time — 24 hours a day — we know exactly what is in our warehouse. When you need a product, we can tell you exactly how many we have and how soon we can get it to you. Whether that product is as basic as bubble wrap or as unique as a custom wooden container to ship bathtubs, every single product is handled the same way. Consistency breeds reliability, so you will always have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Here’s how we do it: Our warehousemen scan each product into our system with a handheld computer as it is received. It’s given a barcode (identifying the part number) and the warehouse worker is given a “bin location” that represents a specific place in the warehouse where the product should be stocked. The warehouseman scans the barcode that is attached to the bin when it is placed in stock. This scanning process ensures that the product is placed in the correct location for accurate picking later.

The entire system is paperless and allows us to analyze countless points of data. For example, we are able to see which products are frequently requested by our customers and place those toward the front of the warehouse, with sporadically requested items placed in the back. Although we typically carry more than $1,000,000 in inventory, we stock only what is required to meet our customers’ needs (because we track that, too), and we know the exact location in our warehouse where our pickers can find it.

When our warehouse receives a pick ticket on the handheld device, the picker is directed to a specific bin and scans the item being removed for the shipment. If the wrong item is picked, the scanner gives an alert so that the right item can be chosen instead. This enhanced level of accuracy guarantees that the right product shows up at your delivery dock. Once the correct product and quantity is chosen, the next bin location is listed, such as Joe’s Truck or Bob’s Truck. From there it is logged into our telematics system where we can see its geographic location at any point during transit, and we receive an email alert when the truck arrives at your warehouse.

You’ll see that we are always investing in technology platforms that give us better control over our own supply chain, and then we turn around to help you strengthen yours.

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