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Telematics: Arnold Packaging’s Trucking Fleet Has Something to Say

If you take your basic GPS and tack on thousands of data points regarding a transportation fleet, you get telematics. We compile both real-time and long-term data to control our fleet and keep your supply chain running smoothly. Using a tracking system (called Fleetmatics) has also resulted in improved driver safety and a reduced carbon footprint.

An Eye in the Sky

One of Fleetmatics many features is geo-fencing. This allows us to utilize Google Earth to identify the perimeter of your property by setting latitude and longitude coordinates. At the moment our truck drives onto your property, an email is sent to your designated contacts. There’s no more waiting around the receiving dock waiting  or wondering if a shipment has arrived in a remote building. We’ll tell you immediately.

In fact, we can pinpoint the progressive locations of our trucks as they make their way to you. To give you a sense of how targeted the information is, we can pull up a 360-degree view of what the driver sees. We have always pushed to give you the most accurate delivery window, and now if the timing of the delivery is critical we can get a live view of the truck. We can tell you just where it is so you can prep your receiving team and line manager to avoid a potential line-down situation. When we have better control of our fleet, we support your supply chain management and protect your profit.

Driver Safety

The data we track gives our drivers and our company the advantage of continuous improvement. From any computer or mobile device, we are able to review instances of hard breaking or aggressive driving, along with speed. Safer drivers make safer roads throughout our delivery zone. With more than 60 deliveries per day, that’s important to us.


An additional benefit for us has been a reduction in fuel costs that comes from fewer gallons of fuel being used. With telematics data, we are able to design more efficient routes and combine deliveries into targeted areas. We’re also able to monitor idling, which burns excessive fuel. When a truck idles for more than ten minutes, a text is sent to our Transportation Manager that will result in changes to a driver’s behavior. This is one way we are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Experience

All manufacturers count on packaging supplies to arrive at the right place at the right time, and with our latest investment in transportation technology we are more dependable than ever. Sure, you can get the same packaging product from another company, but the experience you’ll have with Arnold Packaging is one of a kind.

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