Mick and Britt Arnold

The Business Advice I Wish I Had When I Was Young | “Love ‘n Business” Podcast

Entrepreneurs Britt and Mick Arnold dish out the tough advice they’d give to their younger, dumber, poorer selves on this episode of their “Love ‘n Business” podcast.

Perhaps you’re just starting out in the business world… or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran looking to take that next step in your career. There’s something for everyone here both professionally and personally.

Here’s a taste of some life lessons the Arnolds would have told their ambitious 20-something selves…

  • Be accountable – and take ownership of your job.
  • Aetiology (causation) vs. Teleology (purpose given) – steer toward teleology and keep moving forward.
  • Change your behaviors to align your lifestyle with your goals.
  • Live for tomorrow.
  • Don’t rush… you can fumble in your decisions. Avoid too far too fast.
  • Work hard where it matters most. Avoid vanity and triviality.
  • Be scrappy!
  • Don’t view competitors as enemies – that gives them control… and cycles to revenge and retaliation. Instead, focus on your customers and partners.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Keep company with people you admire.
  • Finding a partner who you align with can be key to your success.
  • Nurture your relationships.

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About “Love ‘n Business”

Mick Arnold runs his 90+ year old family business, Arnold Packaging as well as his latest venture, Arnold Automation. His wife, Britt Tegeler Arnold, founded Tegeler Construction & Supply in 2016.

In their “Love ‘n Business” podcast, you have a front row seat as they speak openly about navigating their businesses, entrepreneurship, relationships, and life, with their unusual dynamic.

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