Introducing Arnold Automation

Robotics and Machines Will Boost Your Profitability Through Productivity

Arnold Automation is exclusively focused on showing our customers how they can leverage automation to bring down labor costs and increase their profitability. By taking a hard look at the production lines of manufacturers and the packaging lines of e-commerce fulfillment providers, we can present a clear analysis that demonstrates how much they will save, the level of increased productivity, the decrease in human labor and the ultimate ROI.

For years we have sold and serviced machines for case erecting, case sealing and labeling, plus other equipment for automated shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping and strapping. Today, we’re also leading the industry by renting custom robotics designed for your specific task. When you no longer need to complete that task or want to complete it in another way, you return the robot to us. With a rental, you turn a capital expense into an operating cost that remains under your control.

We already have customers in the businesses of injection molding, metal fabrication and packaging that are taking advantage of the significantly reduced cost of robotics. There’s also a new option in the field, called collaborative robots or cobots. These are designed to be used by people and around people, unlike the large, heavy and dangerous robots that typically come to mind. These robots meet government safety standards without the costs of fencing and gating that larger robots require. In short, robots today are affordable. They can be used for packaging tasks, as well as multipurpose functions like pick and place, machine tending, kitting and assembly.

The equipment and robotics that make automation possible are profit machines. With a clear expectation of productivity, you gain the consistent delivery of profitability. If we discover through our analysis that automation doesn’t make financial sense for your business, we won’t make the recommendation.

Contact us to schedule a no-cost analysis of your production line, packaging process or fulfillment operation, and you will see how to turn productivity into profitability.

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