Steel, Plastic, Cord: Strapping Solutions from Arnold Packaging

At Arnold Packaging, we understand that every product you ship is critical to your success.

Damage caused by an unsecured container has an immediate effect on your bottom line – and a lingering effect on customer satisfaction.

We solve these challenges for our customers with strapping systems that protect products for travel by air, rail, road and sea.

Our range of strapping solutions include…

Steel Strapping

Regular duty and high tensile steel strapping are specially formulated to meet the demands of heavy loads and packages. They’re especially useful for products with sharp edges and corners.

Plastic Strapping

Two plastic strapping materials, polypropylene and polyester, are used to secure products like newspapers, boxes, firewood, plastic tubing, and more.

strapping solutions

Cord Strapping

Woven polyester cord strapping is designed to replace specific steel bands, offering equal strength while providing cost savings, safety, and convenience. It has break strengths ranging from 1,200 lbs. to 5,400 lbs.

Arnold Packaging Provides Complete Strapping Solutions

We offer strapping equipment, tensioners and accessories.

Better yet…

Our engineers at Arnold Automation can integrate tools and strapping machines to do the work for you.

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About Arnold Packaging: 

Founded over 90 years ago as Arnold’s Factory Supplies, Maryland-based Arnold Packaging offers solutions ranging from standard packaging supplies to custom, engineered wooden shipping containers for the military to chipboard cartons, corrugated boxes and foam fabrication to cutting-edge end-of-line automation.