Mick and Britt Arnold

Mick & Britt Arnold: Maintaining Your Sense of Self in a Marriage [Video]

In this episode of the “Love ‘n Business” (LNB) podcast, Mick and Britt Arnold dig into the challenge of maintaining your sense of self in a marriage.

Here’s how they’ve found their way to keep their own identity within a powerful couple dynamic:

  • Keeping their respective businesses separate.
  • Maintaining close communication.
  • Celebrating individual milestones together.
  • Supporting your partner’s dreams – and their sense of self.
  • Having a willingness to compromise.
  • Focusing on collaboration – and planning.
  • Coming at the relationship from a mature perspective.
  • Allowing relationship dynamics to shift as needed.
  • Showing vulnerability.
  • Keeping a sense of humor.

Click below to watch the LNB Episode about going from “me” to “we” successfully (and be sure to leave a comment with any thoughts or suggestions!)…



About “Love ‘n Business”

Mick Arnold runs his 90+ year old family business, Arnold Packaging as well as his latest venture, Arnold Automation. His wife, Britt Tegeler Arnold, founded Tegeler Construction & Supply in 2016.

In their “Love ‘n Business” podcast, you’ll have a front row seat as they speak openly about navigating their businesses, entrepreneurship, relationships, and life, with their unusual dynamic.

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