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State-of-the-Art Infrared Thermometers

Protect your employees, clients, and customers by making sure everyone who enters your space is symptom-free and stays protected while on your premises. Arnold always has Productivity and Profitability top of mind, and workforce readiness is a critical component of both.

Return to Work Bundle Includes:

  • Infrared forehead thermometers for fast, daily temperature screenings
  • Custom, branded face masks for employees & visitors
  • New, bundled pricing just in time for re-opening

We are now offering 15% off both Infrared forehead thermometers (regularly $79) and our custom face masks.

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As companies across the country begin to reopen and get back to business, one of the requirements and/or recommendations will be to closely monitor the body temperatures of all employees and customers upon entering a building or venue. But like masks and other PPE gear, no touch infrared forehead thermometers are in very short supply and increasingly difficult to find- a problem that will likely only get worse in the coming weeks. But don’t worry, we have the necessary equipment you need to be compliant if and when it happens!

Arnold Packaging is now taking orders for state of the art medical infrared forehead thermometers that are simple to use.

  • These are FDA, CE, and FCC approved
  • AA-battery operated
  • Equipped with an easy to read three-color LCD displays: green for good, yellow for moderate risk, red for high-risk
  • Highly accurate to within 0.2 degrees
  • Quick results that take less than a second to produce
  • Work at a distance of up to an inch away from the forehead

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