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Meet The Faces Of Arnold Packaging

Melissa deWitt

Melissa deWitt

Our business is growing every day, with enthusiasm for product innovation and automation. Each employee plays an important role in this growth, and our mutual respect strengthens the teamwork we need to succeed."

Melissa deWitt, Vice President of Finance

Melissa prepares monthly financial statements, oversees the Accounting & Purchasing department, and performs all HR functions. Her position fully utilizes the advanced skills she learned in obtaining an MBA degree. She says her job pushes her to take full ownership of her actions and responsibilities, which increases her determination to prove herself in the workplace.

Dave Hirst

Dave Hirst

Even after 14 years here, I am always working on something new and challenging. Our company-wide push toward innovation requires me to stay current with the latest packaging technologies and that keeps things exciting.”

Dave Hirst, Packaging Engineer

Dave designs custom wood and corrugated shipping containers, along with creating cost estimates of assembly material and labor hours. He likes how the company’s leadership always looks for business opportunities that will solve a problem for their customers, and keep Arnold Packaging a competitive industry leader. Dave believes that this leads to challenges and opportunities to add to your skill set and to grow in your career.

James Shenton

If you want to work for a technology-focused company that is growing fast and leading the way in packaging automation and robotics, then this is the place for you."

James Shenton, Sales Representative

James joined the company in 2020. He says that working for Arnold Packaging is great because they give you all the tools you need to become successful. He believes it has opened up new doors in his career by giving him the opportunity to advise top-of-the-line companies in how to ship their products safely and more profitably.

Brittany Abbott

Brittany Abbott

Working at Arnold Packaging provides each and every employee the opportunity for a solid career with the possibilty of advancement. The staff and management provide the guidance that allows you to reach your full potential.”

Brittany Abbott, Inside Sales Representative

From the time that Brittany joined the team in 2012, she has been known for responding to customers’ inquiries in a timely matter, clearly identifying their needs, and creating proposals that lead to solutions. She says she takes great pride in knowing that she has assisted our customers while also getting to know them, building solid relationships on the company's behalf.

Josue Cruz

Arnold Packaging has greatly impacted my life by giving me an edge in the business world. I have had opportunities to learn about multiple industries, and I can see how I can help these companies to become more profitable.”

Josue Cruz, Automation Engineer

Josue helps design, build and integrate custom robotic systems while bridging the gap between conceptual and physical reality in novel ways. Being an Automation Engineer in the Arnold Automation division Josue works with team in conceptualizing and bringing to life industrial solutions that solve the critical needs of our customers. Josue intends to make an impact with the Arnold Automation via the use of exponential, edge technologies and working together with multi-disciplinary engineers.

Damian DeVaugn

Damian DeVaugn

Arnold Packaging has changed my life by giving me a chance to better provide for my family, and my career has limitless opportunities to grow.”

Damian DeVaugn, Manufacturing Team

Damian joined Arnold Packaging in 2017. He meets the individualized needs of our customers by building and assembling packaging crates to their specifications. He describes the company as a place where people motivate each other in their daily tasks and are always willing to lend a hand. It is a place, he says, where managers show their appreciation for the commitment and dedication of their employees.

Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson

I have been employed by Arnold Packaging full-time for more than 12 years. I have been able to rely on an excellent salary and benefits, and knowing that I will be able to take care of my family.”

Ray Jackson, Delivery Driver

Ray joined Arnold Packaging in 2006. He delivers packaging material throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. Ray has always been known as someone who our customers and employees can count on. He says that if employees show they can consistently do their jobs well, they will be rewarded and appreciated.

Eddie Sinclair

Eddie Sinclair

Arnold Packaging has provided a stable workplace for me for 18 years. I have been able to count on the company, and my family has been able to count on me.”

Eddie Sinclair, Delivery Driver

Eddie has been a valued employee since 2000. He delivers packaging material, wood crates, and robots in our local region of Baltimore, Md. He describes Arnold Packaging as a well-established company that provides great benefits and a great working environment, and as a company that is always looking to grow the business, which creates more opportunities for its employees.

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