Mick and Britt Arnold

Unleashing Your Team’s Superpowers – with Mick & Britt Arnold [Video]

Episode 20 of the “Love ‘n Business” podcast from Mick and Britt Arnold focuses on unleashing your team’s superpowers from a generational aspect… how to successfully tap into them to optimize employee quality of life and overall success of the business. They discuss how the learning and working environment has changed, how it’s evolving, adaptations required to keep up with the evolution, and the challenges and benefits that evolution presents.

Owners of Arnold Packaging and Tegeler Construction & Supply, respectively, Mick and Britt share what they’ve learned along the way with you in their regular podcasts. In this episode, they dig into…

  • Establishing an “Emerging Thought Leader Group” – Employer & Employee Benefit
  • Superpowers of the “Younger Generation” in the Workplace – How to Leverage those Superpowers
  • Generational Variations in Learning
  • New Challenges in Hiring: Difficulty of Measuring Aptitude
  • Trade School vs. Formal Education
  • Benefit of Working for a Startup
  • Experiential Learning (Working) vs. Academia
  • Younger Employees use of Tech to Improve Company Productivity
  • Proprietary Company Information
  • Loom Video Messaging
  • How the Workplace is Becoming a Level Playing Field for All
  • Advantages of Working in the Trades – Supply & Demand
  • Best Ways for Employers to Learn/Adopt Newest Technology
  • Younger Generation’s Ability to add Value with Little Proprietary/Industry Knowledge
  • “Squirrel Syndrome”
  • Long-Tenured, Loyal Vets vs. High-Producing New Employees
  • Keeping “The Mission” of the Organization as the Priority at all Costs

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About “Love ‘n Business”:

Mick Arnold runs his 90+ year old family business, Arnold Packaging. His wife, Britt Tegeler Arnold, founded Tegeler Construction & Supply in 2016.

In their “Love ‘n Business” podcast, you’ll have a front row seat as they speak openly about navigating their businesses, entrepreneurship, relationships, and life, with their unusual dynamic.

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