top packaging trends 2024

10 Top Packaging Trends for 2024

For 2024, research indicates that packaging trends continue to be focused around sustainability, personalization, and technological innovation.

That said, there are some design elements that are leading the way. Read on for details…

1. Sustainability: Consumers are increasingly eco-conscious, pushing brands to adopt more sustainable practices. Biodegradable materials and innovative alternatives to single-use plastics are gaining serious traction. You can see that trend clearly in the chart below:

2. Smart Packaging: Many companies are integrating technology like QR (quick response) codes, NFC (near field communication), or RFID (radio-frequency identification) in packaging to allow consumers to track products. In a newly-released report, The Chamber of Commerce states that 26% of consumers have had a package stolen(!).

3. Augmented Reality (AR): As someone may have already pointed out to you when wandering in a wine shop (thanks 19 Crimes), clever brands are incorporating AR into packaging to provide immersive experiences for consumers… allowing them to visualize products or access additional information through smartphone apps.



For more examples, check out the projects created by Maryland-based Balti Virtual where AR and VR (virtual reality) are deployed to mind-blowing effect.

4. Personalization: Brands are using technology to offer more personalized packaging experiences, allowing consumers to customize products to their preferences or add personalized messages.

5. Customization: Packaging tailored to the product itself allows for the greater security of the item, but can also send a message of the uniqueness of the brand. Make an impact!

6. E-commerce-Friendly Packaging: With the rise of online shopping, packaging designs are adapting to be more durable for shipping, easy to open, and sustainable for a better unboxing experience.

7. Health and Safety-Focus: Especially with ongoing pandemic concerns, packaging that ensures product safety and hygiene is a priority, including tamper-evident seals and antimicrobial materials.

8. Transparency and Traceability: Consumers demand more information about the sourcing and production of products (just ask Nike what happens when your business is found to use sweatshops). Brands are using packaging to communicate their commitment to transparency and ethical practices.

9. Innovative Materials: Exploration of new, alternative materials that are not only sustainable but also offer longer shelf life, better protection, or improved product preservation.

Our final trend on this list seems to be the hottest right now…

10. Minimalist Designs: Clean and minimalist packaging designs are greatly increasing in popularity. Brands are opting for simplicity, using fewer materials and focusing on essential information to reduce waste and create a sleek look. This approach focuses on functionality over excessive branding and packaging materials (think Apple).


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