Streamline Repairs, Minimize Downtime: Arnold Packaging Ensures Peak Performance

At Arnold Packaging, our service department goes the extra mile to provide top-notch maintenance and repair services for packaging equipment, hand tools, and automation systems.

By staying on top of maintenance needs, you can minimize downtime and steer clear of the hefty expenses that come with unexpected breakdowns.

Better yet… 

When you reach out for service, we may be able to pull parts directly from our extensive inventory, saving you from the need to rush ship parts during emergencies.

Minimize downtime
We’ve got you covered across Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., so you can rely on us for quick assistance whenever you need it. 

By letting us handle your repairs, you bypass the hassle and potential risks of shipping machines out for servicing.

Plus, we offer on-site training for your equipment operators to ensure they’re confident in using the machinery effectively.

Our in-depth knowledge of these tools and machines allows us to deliver efficient service at competitive rates, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your investment pays off in the long run. 

Here’s a sampling of the type of equipment we repair, install and service: 

  • Stretch Wrap Machines
  • Shrink Wrap Machines
  • Strapping Machines and Tools
  • Packing Machinery
  • Bagging Equipment
  • Case Sealers
  • Case Erectors
  • Inkjet Printers
  • Labeling Machines
  • Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Submit a service request today or call us at 855-276-6537 .

About Arnold Packaging: 

Founded as Arnold’s Factory Supplies, Maryland-based Arnold Packaging has been protecting their customers’ products and profits for over 90 years. Arnold offers solutions ranging from standard packaging supplies to custom, engineered wooden shipping containers for the military to chipboard cartons, corrugated boxes and foam fabrication to cutting-edge end-of-line automation. Get our full story here.