Minimize Product Damage with Custom Shipping Containers from Arnold Packaging

What gets an engineer excited? 

Solving a problem. 

So when a global broadband service provider had a critical part continually getting damaged during shipping, the engineers at Arnold Packaging got to work.

They designed a custom container using a Korrvu insert and a flexible, low-slip film to hold the product securely in place.

The result? The customer achieved their goal of reducing damage to less than 1%.

maryland custom container manufacturer

Our custom packaging solutions don’t stop there.

Got an unmanned drone aircraft to ship? We got you… 

Our custom packaging solutions don’t stop there.
maryland custom container manufacturer

Need work in process carts? We can WIP you up something like we did for a medical technology giant… 

Shipping containers for airplane stabilizers? Easy…

How about rocket propulsion for missiles? Yep… 

We can design and manufacture the right container to get your products safely to their destination. 

Arnold Packaging wants to be your Maryland custom container manufacturer of choice.

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