Investing in the Future of Maryland Manufacturing

Make 2020 the year of productivity by investing in the power of automation! Arnold Automation, a division of Arnold Packaging, has partnered with Maryland MEP on an exciting new opportunity. The Impact Driven Incentive Program assists with the costs in identifying, evaluating and implementing robotics technology for manufacturers with a physical location in Maryland and have a manufacturing SIC code.

Under the program, MEP will cover 50% of all equipment costs up to $2500. For example, our 2000B semi-automatic stretch-wrap machine normally sells for $6900, freight included. But with this new incentive opportunity, the price to the customer is reduced to just $4400! This is the same machine used by dozens of manufacturers across the state to increase profit margins, reduce workforce injuries, and overcome damages when shipping to customers.

If you’ve considered incorporating new technology into your business, this could be the perfect time to make the leap and harness the power of automation. Call Arnold Automation today and let’s get productive!