How the Right Packaging Can Increase Profits

There are three ways the right packaging can make a HUGE difference to your business’ bottom line…

right packaging

right packaging

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products during transit and storage. The right packaging materials and design can significantly reduce the risk of damage. In turn, this will decrease the number of returns and replacements, saving money and preserving profit margins. 

Some hard truths from the world of e-commerce… 

  • 70% of Americans shop online
  • 18.1% of shipments result in returns
  • 80.2% of the returns are for damaged products!

right packaging

Efficient packaging can lead to cost savings in shipping and logistics. By optimizing the size and weight of packages, your business can reduce freight costs, especially if you’re charged based on dimensional weight. 

Add to that, well-designed packaging can maximize the number of units that can be shipped in a single shipment, further lowering transportation expenses. At Arnold Packaging, we helped one customer reduce shipping costs by 34% simply by consolidating packages going to the same location. You can read more about it here.

Higher-performance packaging materials can actually be more cost effective because less of it is required. For example, consider down gauging your stretch film for savings. Thinner gauge, higher performing films will reduce the amount of film used while still ensuring the pallet arrives safely.

For higher-volume shippers, there may be an opportunity to reconfigure the make-up of your cardboard boxes. Adjusting the paper selections that constitute the cardboard can reduce the amount of paper used, reducing cost. Simple testing will confirm that while there is less paper, the product will still arrive safe and sound!

Overall, investing in the right packaging can lead to increased profits by minimizing damage, reducing freight costs, and leveraging design to drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Laura Cadden
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