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How Arnold Packaging Helped One Company Lower Freight Costs by 34%


A major cosmetics distributor contacted our team at Arnold Packaging. They were looking to curb their freight expenses. 

We discovered the main culprit to be the shipment of multiple boxes to a single location. Specifically, the distributor was sending two 10-pound packages for $10.54.


We recommended the distributor acquire a strapping machine, strap the two boxes together, and ship them as one package. 


By combining the two boxes into one 20-pound package, the distributor lowered freight costs by 34% – to $6.90 total.

This savings paid for the strapping machine in under 4 months.

If you’re not familiar with Arnold Packaging, this is what we do…

Help our customers protect their product – and their profit. 

In fact, we’ve been helping companies in the mid-Atlantic region with packaging solutions for over 90 years. 

So, we have to ask… 

Are Freight Costs Hurting Your Profits? 

Freight expenses can impact your company in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Price Competitiveness: Falling profit margins may compel increased prices above the market norm.
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Fluctuating freight costs can affect delivery schedules, as well as require a reevaluation of inventory management practices.
  • Customer Service: Slower shipping methods may be adopted to cut costs, leading to longer delivery times and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Environmental Impact: Less eco-friendly shipping options could be resorted to in order to save money.

Any of these sound familiar? No worries… 

Arnold Packaging is Here to Help Your Business

The team at Maryland-based Arnold Packaging is ready to work with you to optimize your packaging and reduce shipping costs. 

It could be by minimizing the dimensional weight, consolidating shipments, selecting lighter – and eco-friendly – packaging, revising the packaging design, and more… whatever works best for your products.   

Contact us today for a customized solution to reduce your packaging and shipping costs at 855-276-6537 – or click here to complete a quick form.
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