Food & Beverage Automated Packaging Solutions

Food Industry 4.0: The Integration of Automation in Packaging

You may not know Arnold Automation, but you should. It’s a division of Arnold Packaging, founded in Baltimore in 1933…

But there’s nothing old-fashioned about the technology Arnold Automation unleashes – particularly when it comes to the food and beverage industry.


Automated Packaging Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Here’s a recent factory acceptance test for an end-of-line food packaging solution conducted by Arnold Automation engineers. The packaging? Jelly cups.


But that’s only the beginning…

Arnold Automation technologies streamline various processes involved in packaging…


Here are just a few ways automation contributes to packaging efficiency in the food and beverage sector:

  1. High-speed Packaging Lines: Automated packaging systems can operate at much higher speeds than manual processes, allowing for faster and more efficient packaging of products.
  2. Precision and Accuracy: End-of-line automation ensures precise and consistent packaging, reducing errors and minimizing waste. This is particularly crucial in the food and beverage industry where accurate portion control is essential.
  3. Reduced Labor Costs: Automation reduces the reliance on manual labor, allowing for upskilling of your team.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: Automated packaging systems can be programmed for various packaging formats and sizes, providing flexibility to adapt to different product requirements without the need for extensive manual adjustments.
  5. Integration with Supply Chain Systems: Automated packaging lines can be integrated with your existing systems, such as inventory management and order processing.
  6. Quality Control: End-of-line automation allows for the incorporation of quality control measures like vision systems and sensors, to detect defects or inconsistencies in packaging.

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