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Arnold Packaging’s Commitment to Sustainability Recognized by Maryland Green Registry

85-Year-Old Packaging Company to Reduce Annual Gas Consumption by 17 Percent, Annual Waste by 5 Percent

Baltimore, Md. — Mick Arnold, president of Arnold Packaging, the 85-year-old comprehensive packaging company, announced today the company’s acceptance to the Maryland Green Registry. As part of its membership, Arnold Packaging has committed to reaching annual sustainability goals focused on waste reduction and reuse, recycling, energy efficiency and fuel consumption. The company’s commitment to sustainability aligns with its own green manufacturing practices and dedication to helping its customers make their products sustainable.

“We believe strongly in Maryland Green Registry’s mission to make Maryland sustainable and we are proud to be a member of the organization. We have always had an eye on sustainability but joining the organization has encouraged us to take a 360-degree approach to analyzing and reducing our environmental footprint,” said Arnold. “We also provide sustainable packaging solutions to many of our customers who are pleased to know that they have a partner who is equally committed to making conscious decisions, preserving natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint. We look forward to continuing to identify opportunities to be environmentally conscious across all aspects of our business.”

The Maryland Green Registry is a program hosted by the Maryland Department of the Environment to help businesses and organizations meet sustainability goals. The program requires members to implement and share information on at least five environmental practices and encourages members to continually improve their environmental performance.

As part of its membership, Arnold Packaging has committed to:

  • Reducing waste by five percent year after year
  • Minimizing use of raw materials through yield maximizing software and techniques
  • Recycling 55 tons of corrugate per year
  • Donating approximately 7,500 pounds of wood per year to Second Chance (a local building materials nonprofit), makers and contractors in Baltimore

With an eye on improving energy efficiency, Arnold Packaging has already reduced natural gas needs by installing low-velocity high-output fans, which will reduce annual gas consumption by approximately 17 percent. The company also installed motion sensor lights in its warehouse and smart thermostats to improve heat consumption in the plant, warehouse and offices.

Arnold Packaging’s sustainability efforts also extend to road transportation, which is a primary means of distribution for the company. Arnold Packaging has a relationship with Fleetmatics, a GPS fleet tracking system, that allows the company to monitor its fleet vehicles (including idle time, acceleration and stopping) in order to calculate and reduce fuel consumption.

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About Arnold Packaging
Arnold Packaging is the most comprehensive packaging company in the industry serving as a single source for the distribution of packaging supplies, the design and manufacturing of custom-made containers, automated inventory management and packaging automation. The company utilizes four generations of packaging expertise to provide innovative solutions that make its customers more profitable through individualized solutions, reduced freight costs, cutting edge packaging and shipping technologies, and more. Arnold Packaging’s new division, Arnold Automation, focuses exclusively on showing customers how they can leverage automation to bring down labor costs and increase profitability.