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Boost Your Bottom Line with Arnold Packaging’s End-of-Line Automation Supplies

At Arnold Packaging and Arnold Automation, we’re all about creating solutions. 

Take our line of end-of-line automation supplies… 

You won’t find any flimsy, subpar materials here. Instead, you’ll discover durability, reliability, and performance that you can count on, day in and day out.

We offer a complete range of… 

  1. Packaging materials including boxes, cartons, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and labels used to package finished products for distribution.
  2. Adhesives and sealants used to secure packages or adhere components together in the final assembly process.
  3. Lubricants and cleaning agents to maintain the machinery and ensure smooth operation of the automated systems.
  4. Protective materials such as foam inserts, cardboard dividers, or plastic trays used to protect products during transit.
  5. Ink and printing supplies for labels, barcodes, or other product information onto packaging materials.
  6. Spare parts that may need to be replaced periodically due to wear and tear, such as belts, sensors, or conveyor rollers.
  7. Camera and Vision Systems used for quality control inspections, barcode scanning, counting and validation at the end of the production line.

At Arnold, we’re passionate about protecting and improving your business. 

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About Arnold Packaging & Arnold Automation: 

Founded over 90 years ago as Arnold’s Factory Supplies, Maryland-based Arnold Packaging offers solutions ranging from standard packaging supplies to custom, engineered wooden shipping containers for the military to chipboard cartons, corrugated boxes and foam fabrication to cutting-edge end-of-line integrations through the Arnold Automation division.