Arnold Packaging Announces Major Expansion, Lease Of Nearly 100,000 Square-Foot Trade Point Atlantic Location

Baltimore, Md.Arnold Packaging, the regional leader in packaging and productivity solutions for some of the country’s best-known brands, announced today that the company is moving to a new, built-to-suit 91,200 square foot facility at Tradepoint Atlantic (TPA), the 3300-acre global logistics center. Arnold Packaging’s future space is a 21,000 square foot increase over the company’s current corporate footprint. The 15-year lease, with the option of two five-year extensions, is set to begin in January 2022.

Located at 1900 Finishing Mill Rd. in Sparrows Point, Md., Arnold Packaging’s new home will help support the company’s 88-year history of innovation and is considered a testament to the company’s ongoing success and commitment to the future, propelled by five straight years of double-digit growth. The new building’s size and interior dimensions will allow for expanded services and functionality with an increased capacity to meet evolving client needs. TPA’s outstanding proximity to the Port of Baltimore and major interstate highways, along with an on-site rail yard, provide unmatched logistical support, opening the door for Arnold Packaging to potentially reach across the globe and support a wide range of new clients.

In addition, the company’s two divisions, Arnold Packaging and Arnold Automation, will now reside at the same location, offering exceptional integration of services and increased efficiency. By bringing both divisions under one roof, the company can achieve better productivity, while enjoying heightened team collaboration – all of which will be made possible by the move to TPA.

“Tradepoint Atlantic offers precisely what we need to compete in today’s global marketplace,” says Arnold Packaging President, Mick Arnold. “In a single day’s drive, we can reach 33% of the U.S. population, which is just one reason TPA has emerged as the premier industrial park in the country. We will now be a leading productivity solutions provider at a park that has global companies like BMW, Amazon, Volkswagen, McCormick, and Under Armour as our neighbors, opening the door to any number of new collaborations. And that’s on top of the incredible potential the building itself offers for our ongoing growth and innovation.”

Once moved in, the manufacturing and distribution division will utilize 80,940 square feet, with 3,620 square feet for Arnold Automation. The remaining 6,640 square feet will be used for offices and expanded employee amenities. The building’s interior depth (325’) and ceiling height (36’) are substantially greater than their existing space and provide Arnold Packaging with new opportunities for both manufacturing assembly processes and storage capabilities.

The exterior layout of the building also offers considerable improvements. All commercial vehicle traffic will be directed to the rear of the building – completely separate from the entrance to the corporate offices at the front – providing a vastly different visitor experience compared to the current structure. Building visibility is excellent as well, with signage visible from I-695 east and along access roads into the complex.

TPA’s team began working with Mick in spring of 2020 when he shared his thoughts on the company’s future and why a new building was vital to support the company’s future.

“Companies come here to grow, innovate, and modernize, and those themes align perfectly with Arnold Packaging’s approach to business,” says Tradepoint Atlantic Managing Director Marc Salotti. “We worked closely with Mick to help provide a customized facility that meets his company’s specific needs, offering a turnkey solution to support a truly integrated manufacturing and distribution facility that will fuel his plans for decades to come.”

Another advantage is the site’s location in Baltimore County, which offers distinct business advantages for Arnold Packaging. Over the length of the lease, the company will ultimately pay lower rental fees and incur fewer operating costs, enabling more resources to flow into the workforce and for client support.

“As Tradepoint Atlantic continues its transformative resurgence as an economic engine and hub for global commerce, we are thrilled to welcome Arnold Packaging to Baltimore County, as the latest company moving to Sparrows Point,” Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski said. “For generations, Arnold Packaging has been a family-owned business and a regional leader in their field and we are so grateful for their continued investment in our region.”

For the architectural design of the office and workspaces, Arnold Packaging is working with industrial design veterans Hofmann Associates of Towson, Md. Hofmann was contracted by TPA to oversee the extensive interior design work which will be part of $1.5 million in enhancements to the property, $475,000 of which will be covered by TPA. Hofmann Associates’ Executive Vice President Rob Hofmann shares Salotti’s thoughts on the building’s size and location serving Arnold Packaging’s long-term needs.

“This property must not only make a statement about where Arnold Packaging is today, but also be timeless enough to make an equally powerful statement well into the future,” says Hofmann. “The design process with Mick was extremely detailed, going over ever possible scenario that could come into play. The steady growth Arnold Packaging has seen is impressive, but growth can be painful if a facility is not prepared for tomorrow. Our goal was to ensure that as time passes, the design never gets in the way of success.”

Sharing a portion of the space with Arnold Packaging will be Tegeler Construction & Supply, another local business that has also enjoyed significant success. In addition to being a key materials supplier for Arnold Packaging since 2017, Tegeler’s on-site location will allow for near-instant workforce support for Mick and his team should the need arise. Tegeler also has an ongoing relationship with TPA and is currently furnishing pipe and additional construction materials to General Contractor, R.E. Pierson, to complete a massive, on-site waterline project, preparing the underground infrastructure that will support the new industrial park.

“By moving into the same building, Arnold Packaging and Tegeler Construction can leverage each other’s capabilities to acquire new customers or expand business with existing clients,” says Tegeler Construction President, Britt Tegeler. “The new location also provides much needed additional space, both inside and outside, that will allow us to store more inventory so we can take on larger jobs, evolve our product offerings, and better serve our customers, like TPA.”

Overseeing tenant representation on behalf of Arnold Packaging was CBRE Executive Vice President Toby Mink, who has been partnering with Mick on commercial real estate projects for over 20 years. As it became more apparent that staying in Baltimore City was no longer suitable, and TPA’s advantages became more obvious, Mink made the first introductions with the TPA team in Q1 2020. From that moment on, there was little, if any, looking back.

“TPA has become the epicenter of industrial commercial real estate in the U.S., and now Arnold Packaging will be the lead tenant in one of the park’s newest projects,” says Mink. “Every advantage TPA has will also work to support Arnold Packaging’s evolution. From the shipping capabilities of the port to the functionality of the space, and even the neighbors who’ve planted their flag, this is an opportunity that will allow Mick and his team to keep their foot on the accelerator while planning for smart, continued growth.”

Though the news is exciting for all parties involved, the true beneficiaries of this expansion are Arnold Packaging’s clients, both existing customers and prospects they’ve yet to work with.

“We provide client solutions that boost profitability through productivity,” adds Mick. “This new location is being designed around our ideal workflow and necessities, which have sometimes been at odds with the buildings we’ve previously leased. But now, with a fully customized space, we can complement and improve the most productive methods that service our clients. And when our clients become more productive, they become more profitable. That’s good for us, good for them, and great for the region’s economy.”

For more information about Arnold Packaging’s new location, to obtain renderings, or to schedule an interview, please contact Roger Mecca at Vitamin.