Autonomous Forklifts

Arnold Automation Announces Strategic Partnership with VisionNav Robotics for Autonomous Forklifts and Intralogistics Automation Solutions


Baltimore, Maryland, January 2, 2024 – Arnold Automation has announced a strategic partnership with VisionNav Robotics to bring their autonomous forklifts and other intralogistics automated solutions to U.S. customers.

“We’re excited to work with VisionNav to provide cutting-edge, flexible logistics automation solutions for warehousing industries,” said Mick Arnold, President of Arnold Automation, a division of the 90-year old Baltimore-based Arnold Packaging.

Arnold continued, “At Arnold Packaging, we know the importance of accurate, safe, and adaptable solutions for an effectively-managed warehouse. Autonomous forklifts and other robotic solutions can provide the next level in efficiency. Another key point is that unmanned forklifts allow for around-the-clock operations. Savings in labor costs plus greater profit potential – it’s a win-win.”

A Warehouse Solution Like No Other

VisionNav’s unmanned forklifts’ applications include pallet storage, automated truck loadings, narrow-aisle operations, multi-layer cage stackings, high bay putaway/retrieval and other fully autonomous actions.

In this short video, you can see how built-in servomechanisms give VisionNav’s line of autonomous forklifts their exacting precision and safety:


To learn more about automated forklifts and how they can be used by your business, complete this quick and easy contact form for a free consultation, or give Arnold Automation a call at 855-276-6537.

Autonomous Forklifts

About VisionNav Robotics:
VisionNav is a leading supplier of autonomous forklifts and intralogistics automation solutions. Their warehouse solutions use machine learning, environment perception and servo control technologies to deliver reliability and consistency. VisionNav automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be found at pharmaceutical, e-commerce, food, petrochemical and other facilities around the globe.

About Arnold Automation:
A division of Arnold Packaging, the sole focus of Arnold Automation is to help customers leverage automation to bring down labor costs and increase profitability. Arnold’s engineers will provide a free analysis of the production lines of manufacturers or the packaging lines of e-commerce fulfillment providers. They then present a clear analysis of potential cost savings, level of increased productivity, decrease in human labor required – and the ultimate ROI.