Addressing Worker Scarcity with Automated Solutions

How severe is the labor shortage in the Mid-Atlantic region? According to the US Chamber of Commerce’s findings:

  • Pennsylvania exhibits a Worker Shortage Index of .66, indicating 66 workers for every 100 job openings.
  • Delaware sees a slightly lower index at .63.
  • Virginia’s index drops further to .47.
  • In DC, it stands at .45.
  • And Maryland presents the lowest figure at .33.

Industries such as 3PL, warehousing, retail, consumer goods, and food and beverage are severely affected, placing strain on current staff to meet customer demands and maintain service standards. 

Additionally, there’s a growing trend of wage demands exacerbating the situation.

In such challenging times, there’s an imperative for innovative solutions and strategic management of the workforce. 

This is where Maryland-based Arnold Automation steps in, offering assistance to navigate through these turbulent waters with automated solutions.

Unlock Efficiency and Boost Profits with Automation

Our engineers can help you integrate automated solutions where you need it most. We’ve got everything from… 

Case Erectors…

automated solutions

To Case Sealers…

Case Sealer

To Label Applicators…

Label Applicator

And much, much more.

No more struggling to fill empty positions at higher salaries… 

Automated solutions allow you to use the staff you have to increase your efficiency, volume, customer satisfaction – and ultimately, your profit. 

Our engineers will provide a FREE consultation with your team to assess your needs and identify the best automation solutions for your business.

Call Arnold Automation at 855-276-6537 or submit a quick form and we’ll get right back to you.

Laura Cadden
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