Mick and Britt Arnold

And Baby Makes Three | “Love ‘n Business” Podcast

In this very personal episode of their “Love ‘n Business” podcast, Britt and Mick Arnold share their journey through pregnancy and the birth of their beautiful daughter, Moxy. It’s got all the feels – and more…

You’ll learn how this experience has given them a fresh perspective on both their personal and professional lives – and how parenthood is making them better at business!

They dig into:

  • Britt’s surprise at the intensity of feeling motherhood has produced.
  • Why they chose not to share their news until now.
  • The mindset changes the baby’s arrival has brought.
  • The shift in focus to maximizing productivity.
  • How this experience impacts relationships – including business relations.
  • The honestly of authentic vulnerability.
  • Accepting that you can’t control everything – and the benefits of doing so.
  • The selflessness of parenthood.
  • Balancing the demands of a newborn with entrepreneurial responsibilities.

Watch it here – and they’d love to hear from you, so comment away!

About “Love ‘n Business”

Mick Arnold runs his 90+ year old family business, Arnold Packaging as well as his latest venture, Arnold Automation. His wife, Britt Tegeler Arnold, founded Tegeler Construction & Supply in 2016.

In their “Love ‘n Business” podcast, you have a front row seat as they speak openly about navigating their businesses, entrepreneurship, relationships, and life, with their unusual dynamic.

You can view past episodes right here.